Nisna / Yaj -Single-




This is the last single from my album "White Noise", it is so amazing for me could being heard for so many people, i just wan to thanks all the people who did it.
The Nisna is a creture who is incmplete, so that makes him sad, then he discovered that his own incompletiness complete him, so theres when Yaj appear, "yaj" is a mayan word that means sadness and hapinness, s ehn the nisna fiscover that being incomplete is being complete, he transform in to the Yaj... And yeah that how i enede here.
Maybe i would made a video laer this year for this tracks and Eilifu Einn, maybe not. but anyway, thanks for hear, download, sahre, any other thing you do, thanks for support.
Thanks a lot to my friend Theo from Europe for remix the nisna, and make it so amazing, and i have to thank my friend Gudmundur, who would make the coolab version of Yaj and the version would be out later this year.


released June 4, 2015

Artwork by:
Diego Cubillo

recorder between 2014 and 2015

speacial thanks to:
Gudmundur August Johansen
Pedro Peña
Raul Santin
Jeff Mecham
Louis Calvillo
Miguel Garutti



all rights reserved


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KDMQ Durango, Mexico

Self taught one man band form México, KDMQ its a project that explores the limits of the human bodie with sounds and textures that try to recreat the sound of depression sadness and suicidal toughts.

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